Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sibley Park and Their Amazing Motivational Walk!

I am always looking for fun places to take my children and have them experience life outside and in nature.  When we went on a last minute trip with Paul to Mankato, Minnesota I thought to myself what in the world are we going to do in Mankato? And so we looked up 'what to do in Mankato, MN' and found so many fun things to do.

Sibley Park was a neat option because of the farm theme and of course my kids love everything farm!

Life size cows!  Mama & baby!

Beautiful views of the rivers as we were walking.  And Mankato actually has some hills!

And of course a horse Mama & baby too!

We enjoyed seeing all of the real animals in the park as well!  Being a Health Coach & Educator I love to see how a healthy lifestyle can be incorporated into every day life and this park has it all!  It has signs throughout the park that represent some part of a healthy lifestyle.  Check out these signs...

If I lived in Mankato, MN I would walk or run there every day because it is so motivating to see the signs!  And then the gardens and the hills to help build endurance were also awesome!

Even the kids enjoyed the flowers and gardens!  I would love to see more parks and greenways incorporate motivational thoughts throughout the walkways.  Being out in nature, exercising and getting fresh air is so good for the mind and body.  And it is great family time!

I encourage you to exercise in nature at least one time a week. The phrase holds true 'Exercise is your best medicine!'  Enjoy a nature walk or a walk on a greenway or park!  It will help any stress or ailment disappear!

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