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A Little About Me...

 When I was little I always wanted to be a nurse and then as I got older I wanted to be a teacher and a dietician.  As I went through school I had an interest in cooking and baking and enjoyed helping with food preparation at home with my Mama and of course I always enjoyed eating it too!  When I was in high school/academy I worked in the Home Ec Room with Mrs. Peterson and loved to help with the cooking and baking and basic skills in a home that she taught.  I would say health was always an interest for me and I feel like this was definitely my calling! 

When Paul and I got married I was no seasoned chef or baker.  Even though I did a lot of it growing up I did not do it on my own and then to cook for someone else that had his own tastes were a whole different story.  So I got to experiment and let me tell you I ruined my share of dishes and baked goods!  I love to experiment in the kitchen and I guess you could say that's how I know today what goes well together.  And I am still learning every day and it is so much fun!  I think the best thing today is that I have two beautiful kids to help me in the kitchen and they love helping!

I graduated with a BS in Community Wellness Management from Southern Adventist University and a few years later I completed my certification with Wellcoaches to become a Wellness/Health Education Coach.  I worked as a Health Education Coach with an organization for three years and I taught in the School or PE, Health and Wellness at Southern Adventist University for five years.  Once we had our second child I had to quit working full time because I wanted to put my kids first.  And that is where this blog comes into play.

I have a passion for health and wellness and a passion for simple living!  I want to share my bias information and my passion with my family, friends and clients.  I choose to live healthy because I want my kids to be healthy and I want others to know how wonderful it is to live so healthy.  I hope and pray this blog will be a help to others and to me.  I want this healthy journey that I am on to be shared with those around me.  Enjoy this blog with me and enjoy the information and let me know if you have any questions!

Lukas & Elsie!

My Beautiful Family!

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